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​What is NJ Artists?

NJ Artists is a community designed by an artist for artists in the NJ, Philly and NYC areas. We aim to make it easier for artists to find opportunities including employment, exhibitions, contests, studio space, professional development, and more.

Currently, NJ Artists is run by artists who have the free time and skills to contribute to contributing to it. We aim to always make content freely available for access, although we gain funding via the kind donations of those who appreciate our work as well as through artist features and advertising fees.

Support NJ Artists

This community is currently in existence solely because of the hard work of volunteers. If you have seen benefit from our community, social media news, or other resources provided through us, or want to help ensure that we may continue to function, please consider pledging with us on Patreon. There are many benefits to pledging including preferred listings for artist resources and other advertising opportunities.

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